What are the main features to consider for PC cabinets?

Are you building a PC? If yes, then the PC cabinet is usually an afterthought. People choose a CPU, GPU, motherboard, RAM, etc. Instead, you should consider buying a good quality PC cabinet. Read on the features of PC cabinets you should consider. 

Size of the PC Cabinets –

The first thing you should consider for buying a PC cabinet is the size. PC cabinets are available in different sizes, including a full tower, a mid-tower, and mini-ITX and micro-ITX motherboards. Most PC builders choose a mid-tower because of its not-too-large size, huge availability, and built-for-the-standard ATX motherboards. In addition, a mid-tower can fit the smaller motherboards. 

Full towers are much larger and are able to fit the extended ATX motherboards. But the mini-ITX and micro-ATX PC cabinets are for the diminutive PCs that need to fit into a small space like the living room’s entertainment center. If you are building a PC for the first time, you should choose the mid-tower cabinet, as it will help you stay within your budget and provide you with a great range of options. 

Cooling –

Not every PC cabinet is built with the same ability to move the air around. It depends on the cabinet size, the available number of fans, and enough strategically-placed vents. Your cabinet must feature at least two fans. One fan should be for the intake of getting fresh air inside the cabinet and one for the exhaust to move the hot stuff outside. 

Vents are the significant factors that help bring enough air passively or in a spot where you can pit other fans. Some vents come with filters that help in preventing your PC from getting furry with dust. All of them are required to keep the cabinet cool. 

Cable Management –

Cables are one of the hassles of any PC build. They are frustrating and look terrible when you don’t know where you want them to work. Most PC cabinets have cable management features, and some work better than others. For example, use a shroud for the power supply to keep things looking cleaner, but some PC builders don’t like them. 

The Front Panel –

PC cabinets have different variances when it comes to the front panel. It is the panel where you find a headphone jack, perhaps a mic jack, some USB ports, and other types of connections. What you want in the front panel depends on your requirements and how many devices you want to use that require easy accessibility to the USB ports. 

Cabinet Length –

If the higher-end specialty graphics cards are longer than the average graphics card, they require more space. So, you should make sure the cabinet will easily accommodate them. In addition, you have to check to be sure that the cabinet supports the size and the number of fans. 

Bottom Line –

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