Understanding the Basics of Buying PC Cases


Choosing a PC case seems no doubt a tough task to carry out. From finding the right size to the right features and the overall look, it can make you feel overwhelmed at a certain point of time. And when you are looking for a gaming PC case, it not only needs to match your gaming setup visually but it also must allow you to install all your internals in a clean and comfortable manner. In the post below we at Mostech Computers will discuss the primary factors such as airflow, cooling system compatibility, form factors to help you make the right decision when buying a PC case. 

Let us first talk about the basic case sizes. Depending upon the size of your computer case, you can choose things that you can install in your system. For settling on the right size of the PC case it is essential for you to know the amount of space required, the type of hardware you would like to install, the type of cooling system you would like to use and likewise.

Form Factors – EATX, ATX, MATX, Mini-ITX

You can find motherboards of various sizes in the market today, be it a larger one or a smaller one than the standard ATX size for accommodating the needs of people wanting more expansion options as well as for people seeking a more compact build. An EATX (Expanded ATX) motherboard is the one that is larger than a standard ATX motherboard. Similarly, the MATX (Micro ATX) motherboard is smaller than the standard ATX and the Mini-ITX board is the smallest and compact form factor. As these are a globally accepted standard for PC cases, motherboards and power supplies, hence, you will find all of these in standard variations of the ATX form factor specifications. 

Sizes of Computer Towers

Full Tower Case

A standard ATX motherboard has a length of 9.6″ but the EATX motherboard’s length is 13″. The PC cases that have the capability to house the larger form factor are called Full Tower Cases. These larger cabinets can also accommodate all smaller form factor hardware inside it. 

Mid Tower Case

As far as gaming PCs are concerned the mid tower case is considered as the ideal and most popular among other types. These cases can afford a good blend of relatively smaller sizes and adequate amount of internal volumes for housing all the internals which most gamers might need. Galax Revolution 05 is one of the most popular PC cases among gamers. Galax Revolution 05 cases come with a mesh panel that consists of larger holes that offer aggressive airflow performance. Also the crystal clear tempered glass side panel offers a stunning view to the heart of your build. 

Mini-Tower Case

Although mini-tower cases cannot house all the internals that you may want but, these cases offer better portability and come in a more compact size. However, it can only house a motherboard with MATX form factor.

Mini-ITX Case

Mini-ITX cases possess server space limitations. Such cases can house only Mini-ITX motherboards and other Mini-ITX compatible components. Nevertheless, these  cases are an excellent choice for you if you are looking for the power of a power gaming or workstation PC along with reasonable portability.

At Mostech Computers you can discover a wide collection of computer accessories including PC cases from top brands like Galax, ASRock, MSI, Aerocool and Thermaltake. For more information contact us today!

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