Things to consider while buying a computer 


Online computer hardware shopping is one of the most significant aspects of the internet today. You will be enjoying many benefits when buy online computer hardware. Some self-explanatory, others that are not so apparent. But it can be straightforward to become confused when first entering the realm of computer hardware online. You probably lose sight of your goals and sometimes your budget as well. We recommend a few things to consider to make your online computer hardware purchase a satisfying experience;

What is your budget?

Budget is the first thing that most people are restricted by. It would help if you thought about this immediately before you go online shopping. Even if we continually want the best, we should be honest about our financial status. So create a budget and follow it. 

Know what you want to use- Desktop or Laptop?

Your requirements should be the next thing that you consider to have for your needs. For example, do you require a desktop or a laptop? What purpose will the device serve? When you’re finished, go back to step one and check if these are compatible. Often, they aren’t at first. To make your objectives and budget more consistent, you must either change your goals or your budget.

Time to turn to the computer now.

When purchasing a computer, there are numerous factors to consider. Here, we’ve outlined the most crucial factors so you can make an informed decision. 


The CPU Or the Processor- 

While there are numerous aspects to consider when selecting a processor, the essential thing to remember is that, in my opinion, Intel is currently producing the most excellent processors, with their core 2 duo series being the best. You should be fine if you choose a member of this family.

RAM (Computer Memory)

In essence, you can open more browsers and programs the more RAM you have. The most basic option today is 4Gb. The ideal memory size for most users is 8GB. You require at least 16GB of RAM to run CAD/CAM software, play games, or edit photos or videos. Ensure that your operating system is Windows Vista 64-bit. 

Memory CardMemory Card

Hard Disk Drive

You should focus on this as your next task. Today’s computers typically have between 250GB and 750GB of hard disk space. However, you might want to reconsider purchasing a sizable hard disk space in light of the growing trend of consumers keeping their data online on cloud storage. 

  • Google offers the first 15GB of cloud storage for free, with monthly fees of ₹150 per month or $20 to $30 annually for 100GB or 200GB or $100 for 2TB data.
  • PCloud offers free 10GB, while Mega offers free 50GB.
  • MediaFire offers 10GB.
  • Dropbox gives away 2GB. 


Graphics These days, all computers have some built-in graphics. However, I advise choosing something slightly better, like NVIDIA or AMD. This is because they raise the resolution of your computer. NVidia is fantastic for Adobe software, whereas AMD cards are suitable for mining. 

Graphic Card Graphic-Card

Computer Software

Most computers come with Microsoft software. The latest is Windows 10. Along with that you will get Best PC Optimizer Software, VideoProc Vlogger, Best Disk Cloning Software, Best Antivirus For Windows 10 & 11, Best Video Player, Image Editor, Media Player and much more you can add to your PC.

Anti-Virus Software

As the last stage with the actual machine, a trustworthy virus and spyware program should be installed. Contrary to popular belief, this is not the most important step in protecting your computer. It will eventually come under attack, so be ready. 

Your Computer Lifeline, Internet

Finally, if you want to use the internet, at least get a reliable broadband provider. No computer is complete without good internet. 

We hope this list helps you make vital decisions while buying your new computer or hardware online. You can visit to find our best offer. We assure you get the genuine computer hardware parts you desire at the best price.