Deepcool GamerStorm Macube 310P WH (ATX) Mid Tower Cabinet With Tempered Glass Side Panel (White)


GS-ATX-MACUBE310P-WHG0PnCASES – MACUBE 310 WHnDEEPCOOL MACUBE 310P WH AIRFLOW VERSION/DEEPCOOL MACUBE 310P WHITE TEMPERED GLASS CASEnTinted, tempered glass panel, tasteful and sturdy.nnSnap-fit front and top panel, easy to remove and clean dust filters.nnMagnetic side panels, easy to maintain or upgrade hardware.nnChild safety lock on both magnetic panels, protecting your loved ones.nnAn abundance of accessories are installed on the motherboard tray to keep everything neat and safe.nnThe front intake channels remain concealed while providing more-than-sufficient ventilation.nnThe exhaust is maxed out at the mesh top panel, no heat loitering in the case.nnMinimalistic design with unique styling.

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