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Ryzen 5 5600g price in India: Looking for buying a Ryzen processor. We have a Ryzen processor with the best features. 

This is with 6 cores, 12threads, 3.9 GHz speed, 65W TDP, AM4 Socket, and 4.4 GHz speed ( turbo). 

Take a look at the specifications of the Ryzen 5. It includes 6 CPU cores with  3.0 PCle Version. The total L2 Cache is 3MB whereas the L3 cache is 16MB. TDP is 65W whereas cTDP is 45 – 65 W. There are 2 memory channels. It includes integrated graphics and also a CPU cooler. 

The graphic frequency is 1900MHz. There is a warrant of 3 years. The model of graphics is Radeon Graphics. It comes with 7 graphics core. 

The price of this processor is ₹17,200.00. The price is subject to change. 

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