Buying Galax A320M Motherboard for Gaming Purposes

Mother board

The motherboard is the main component of a PC system. Nothing works without it, and this component decides what upgrades you can make in the future. If you want to buy a motherboard for a gaming PC, you should consider a few things discussed below. 

Consider the form factor. 

You have to choose a form factor while considering a gaming motherboard. ATX motherboards are commonly available on the market, and the same goes for micro ATX motherboards. When you are buying a new motherboard and unsure about its size, you can always take measurements of your old motherboard and make comparisons with different sizes. The ATX motherboards are popular and have added more expansion slots that can be useful. 

Consider the processor socket. 

After focusing on the form factor, you must consider the processor socket. Different sockets were used earlier, but three are only useful today. They are LGA, BGA, and PGA. Depending on the sockets present on your motherboard will help you determine the type of processor you want to buy. You must consider what CPU you want first and then buy your motherboard. 

Consider the RAM (Random Access Memory). 

The motherboard will help you know the amount and type of RAM you can have. Therefore, you should be mindful of RAM before deciding on the motherboard. Looking for a board with four or more memory slots is always wise. That means you can install two RAM modules to start and get spare space for memory upgrades in the future. 

Consider the PCI slots.

A PCI slot is a port or connection present on the motherboard. It has been considered the standard type of expansion slot for years and allows expansion cards to connect. If you use this PC for gaming, you must consider whether the motherboard has the slots to match your requirements. 

You should have at least one full-speed PCI Express x16 slot and need multiple of them for connecting multiple cards. Generally, motherboards provide standard PCI slots and smaller PCI express slots for other cards like WI-FI adaptors, sound cards, and other connective expansions. 

Consider the features. 

If you are looking to buy a motherboard with built-in features, you don’t need to buy extra expansion cards. A common feature usually included in most motherboards is onboard audio. It is only ideal for mid-range speakers. However, good quality motherboards have WI-FI and Bluetooth features; but you will need to spend more. Whatever the case, they will reduce the requirement for expansion cards. 

Consider the SATA ports.

It is suggested to consider the number of SATA ports you will need while buying a motherboard. Every SATA port allows you to connect an optical drive and storage drives like SSD or HDD. So, ensuring that your motherboard has all the SATA ports required for the drives is necessary. 

Bottom Line –

When buying a motherboard for a gaming PC, you should look no further than the Galax A320M Motherboard available at MOSTECH Computers. This motherboard is dedicated to the eSports and gaming industry, enhancing the quality and design features after two generations of the GALAX Motherboard product line. For more details about Galax A320M Motherboard, please contact us at (+91) 90511 89507.