Buying a Motherboard – Considerations to Make


Are you a gaming freak? Looking for a new motherboard your gaming PC to make your gaming experience even more exciting? The motherboard is undoubtedly one of the core components of a gaming PC. So you need to make the right choice. Feeling overwhelmed? Do not worry! We at Mostech Computers will help you through this. We have brought you a guide on how to choose the right motherboard for a gaming PC. Have a look:

In general, there are three key aspects that you need to consider while making the decision that include sockets, size and slots and ports. 


One of the most crucial components housed on a motherboard is the processor of your PC. So while buying a motherboard, ensure that it is compatible with your selected processor. Identifying your processor socket and making a motherboard match is the most essential factor here. For instance, if you have 10th or 11th Generation Intel® Core™ Processors (Socket 1200) then you can go for Colorful H510, but if your processor is of some other Intel generations, then you will have to look for other boards that support that particular generation.


Besides the socket compatibility, you will also have to take the desired size of your motherboard into consideration. Usually, the most commonly used size is ATX, however, there are numerous other sizes of motherboards such as micro ATX and mini ATX. And some less common types include the Mini ITX. Remember, the larger the size of a motherboard, the more space you will need your case. 

Slots and Ports

Once you are done considering the socket and size aspects, the next aspect that you need to look upon is choosing the right number of slots and ports based on your other components. As far as slots are concerned you should make sure that the new motherboard you are buying has the required number of RAM (or DIMM) slots. Usually, most of the motherboards come with two or four slots but the higher-end ones contain eight slots. The slots are needed based on the amount of RAM you have. Also you will need to check out the number of PCIe slots on your motherboard for devices such as PCIe storage devices. Last but not the least there should be the right amount of ports on your motherboard i.e. USB, HDMI and speaker ports!

At Mostech Computers we provide a variety of motherboards. But if you are looking for a motherboard that supports 10th and 11th Generation Intel® Core™ Processors then we would suggest you go for Colorful H510. For more details you can check out its specifications at our website.